Monday, June 15, 2009

:D&D! - Session 2

Today we finally managed to get back to the adventures of Leo the Acolyte. (Session 1 was back in July.) Despite the intervening months for us, for Leo his second opportunity to collect phat l00t was about day after he reached Estwind, that village near the temple ruins he reconsecrated.

So, today's adventure also involved going underneath some ruins, this time because one of the locals had already done so and had gotten beaten up and kinda scorched by "flying glowing firey things!"

Leo: *makes sure to bring a full waterskin* :3

Ooh! ooh! Also, the mayor asked him to go looksee! :D Because that is his job now, being an adventurer. He's very proud of himself.

Today's ruins were the remains of a wizard's tower that...kind of... exploded a while back. The underneath bits were much less exploded when he got there. There was a spiral stairwell a hundred feet deep which periodically turned into a slide. He grabbed the wall and saved himself the first time, but the second time he slid into the chamber below on his butt. He was holding a torch, but neither dropped it nor set himself on fire.

Leo: *winces and rubs his butt and illuminates that silver lining with his undropped torch*

In the room at the bottom of the stairwell, he was attacked by some firey glowing hot brass dragonflies, which he took out with his sling, and then he was attacked by another one in the corridor beyond that.

dragonfly: *drops down on Leo from above*
Leo: *unmanly shriek aagh aagh getitaway*

He found some books about dragons, which he took, and some pornographic doodles, which he left where they were, and a skeleton on a marble bed wearing a wig and a nifty magic shawl. He took the shawl, and also a pretty ring, a lot of frikkin' money, a healing potion and some vials of tincture of striking, which I only just now realised would have been really useful when he tried to leave and was attacked by a wooden statue, considering his war hammer? Didn't do much.

Leo: *swings hammer!*
statue: *is not affected!*
Leo: .... *attacks with torch!*
statue: *FWOOSH!*
Leo: ... SHIT! *runs away from flaming attack statue*

No, seriously. He ran away from it around the chamber until it burned up entirely. And then he put out the remaining embers because he was taught to be responsible about that sort of thing. (Which is why he keeps setting his enemies on fire.

Leo: *protest* It keeps working!

Uh-huh. That's why he was tempted to set something on fire and drop it down the middle of the stairwell to see what was at the bottom.

Leo: *crosses arms* I didn't actually do it.)

Now he has the magic shawl to heal him (useful, one of the dragonflies landed on his face) and to set things on fire without having to be in torch-swinging range.

And also he has a rep! :D

Leo: *makes his way back to the inn without sliding back down the trapped stairs (though it was close) and sets a few things on the counter: the remains of the outer layers of no-longer-on-fire clothes yon nosy local left behind, and the remains of the little buggies what set him on fire* Beer, please! :D
Innkeeper: :3 *gives him a beer*

He stayed up all night telling the story to people who asked, and slept the next morning.

It's good to be an adventurer. :3

Leo: Only 144 exp 'til I can CAST SPELLS! 8D

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