Monday, June 15, 2009

:D&D! - Session 1

Today I played D&D -- Basic, Red Box D&D. A solo adventure, just Leo, my newbie Cleric (level 1 = Acolyte), and his war hammer, let loose from the cloister* on his own recognizance and told to go forth and be cool --

-- oh, and while you're on your way, take a detour to this abandoned temple of ours and reconsecrate it, 'kay?

So he did. :3

Leo: *BEAMS with accomplishment* :D

The temple had been abandoned for some 60-odd years and was really more like a shrine in size, and not really standing anymore, per se. But he walked up the front steps, and jumped down into the grass growing past the crumbling other side of the threshold, and promptly got in a fracas with a couple of green rat people.

Leo: O.o rat-people... green...

Leo won, but not without getting a little spear in his leg. The rat-dude who managed that got his head exploded by a powerful blow from Leo's war hammer. The second one was sent flying and didn't survive the experience.

Underneath the temple, Leo encountered a room with the very old partial remains of members of his order, two of whom attacked him (slowly), completely and utterly failed to turn them (I rolled a 3 -_-; ), smashed them, barricaded them in -- later that night he sprinkled them all with holy water, and the next day gave them all proper burial.

Leo: :3 *respect*

There was a third, better armed and armoured (this one has chainmail and a sword!) rat-person looting the room with the secondary altar.

Leo: B| We don't look kindly on looters.

They fought, Leo won, and took his loot, arms, and armour! :D (...No, he sees no contradiction here. He wasn't looting the temple.) He piled the rat people bodies in the woods for the crows to feast on (the crows were happy to see him come with a third body -- this kid's alright! :D) and the next day he burned the rat-people remains along with some of their less savoury possessions (including a cheese).

After this fight, he glugged back a healing potion (tastes of strawberry! :D), reconsecrated the temple, and fought a small water slime that was in the basement.

Leo: *swings hammer!*
slime: *ducks* Nyah-nyah!
Leo: .... *attacks with torch!*
slime: *FWOOSH!*
victory music: *plays*

After that, he sacked out in the room with the holes in the ceiling through to the outside, which doesn't sound terribly bright from a structural point of view, but he wanted ventilation for a fire, since he'd gotten his boots soaked. And he fell asleep there. (Awww...)

Before he left, he rounded up the cult objects still in the temple and took them with him to the nearby community, to entrust to the cloister there.

Leo: :3 Good times! :D

* Cloister is used advisedly. His order is all-male, and he went to join when he was at apprenticing age (12, 13) and didn't have much contact with the general public during his training. He's 18, and he hasn't spoken to a girl that wasn't his mom since he was a sprog. X3 I anticipate a lot of social "...what? ^^;" from this, at least in his own mind.

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